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Bill Bald Harp 2“Over the 14 years of touring the world with the CGT, we’ve shared the stage with many great guitarists. Bill Dutcher is without a doubt one of the finest solo acoustic guitarists I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Energetic, innovative, excellent compositions, great tone, great player!”

Paul Richards, California Guitar Trio

2008 Phoenix Music Awards  – Best Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year

“Bill Dutcher is able to play all techniques with ease, including a sublime touch of his own as well, in gentle, solid, traditional, and uplifting compositions which are of an exceptionally high level.”
Henk te Veldhuis,  Bridge Guitar Reviews

“Bill is always great to work with.  He did a terrific job of promoting his first CD release concert at C4, the show was a hit, and all seats were full.  What more could a venue ask for?  We look forward to equally successful concerts with Bill in the future.”

Teresa Thompson-General Manager- Cave Creek Coffee & Wine LLC

What the Fans Have to Say:

Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your CD release party.  It was so fantastic and we loved the listening venue. Your new CD (yes we bought 3!!) is wonderful and we have been listening to it non-stop and love it!  We have always been amazed and impressed to be able to hear you play.  We think you are the best kept secret, but glad that word and work is getting out and more people can enjoy your shows.   Thanks for your talent.  Your passion for your music and creativity are a joy to watch and we feel honored to get to share in that with you!

Marty B. and Bill R.


Seeing Bill Dutcher perform – A concert in your home.
And that is exactly what it is like to be “in” concert with Bill Dutcher. He has an uncanny way of making you feel like he is in your home performing a concert just for you. As I left the concert last Saturday night I asked myself what set Bill apart – what made him SO unique and SO celebrated by those in attendance.  The answer came to me quickly. It was his ability to draw the audience in closer and closer….And yet there was another surprise for us who were feasting our senses upon his incredible talent for the first time.  He can sing with great expression using his beautiful, charming yet calming voice and write songs that touch our souls and hearts about events that are part of our human experience.
So thank you for your heart, soul, talent and deep appreciation of music.  As one among the audience who was persistently asking for your return in early 2010, I look forward to engaging with you as you merge your beautiful music into an experience our souls will absorb and so always be a part of us.

Susan C.


You are a very accomplished musician and very much enjoyed the Michael Hedges tribute. Thanks for coming to Cottonwood and performing for us.

Jim R.


“More than a contemporary classical guitarist, Bill Dutcher performs with open candor. He plays from his heart, touching souls with diverse music produced through his passionate partnership with a unique and spectacular family of guitars. Performing recently at the OTCA, he played songs from his newly released CD “Finding Time” as though he had nothing but time, interspersing personal stories exposing a very human side of this most accomplished musician.”

Laurie V.