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Oh Yeah!…The ONLY place I shop… Cave Creek Guitar!


The Acoustic Guitars I Play:

Lakewood M-22 and J-32 Custom six string guitars

Taylor 555 12-string guitar

Custom built J. Thomas Davis Harp Guitar

1920’s Style 2 Weissenborn guitar

Ariana 3/4 scale guitar, Nashville tuning


The Electric Guitars I Play:

Fender MIM Nashville Telecaster  BTW…Not my personal opinion!

Ibanez JEM77VBK  Yes, I’m a “closet shred-head” and this guitar absolutely smokes!  The neck profile and nut width fit my hands like a glove.  I’ve not been able to find another guitar with a more comfortable neck….Yes, it’s like driving a Lamborghini! Guess where I got it!


The Electronics I Use In My Acoustic Guitars:

L.R. Baggs Electronics iMix systems

L.R. Baggs iBeam transducers

Jim Kauffman – Sunrise pickups.


The Electronics I Use In My Harp Guitar:

Dazzo transducers Sub-Bass Strings

Jim Kaufman-Sunrise pickups  Guitar Strings

L.R. Baggs Electronics iMix systems Internal Pre-Amp


The Outboard Gear I Use Live:

Pendulum Audio SPS-1 preamp, Radial ToneBone Pre-PZ, Oberheim Echoplex, Digitech Jamman,  Peavey Kosmos, Boss GT-10, TC Electronics G-Major, George L’s Cables, Xotic BB Plus Pedal, Bose PAS LII System with Tonematch Engine, Schertler Amps.

Pickboy Cool Picks…the only one’s that I can hold onto!