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The Best MacGyver Move Yet!

Written by Bill on October 7, 2016 – 10:07 am -

I’d like to share what I believe is one of the most brilliant musician’s “hack” I’ve ever come across. As performing musicians, we all run across situations where equipment and or instruments fail and we need to improvise on the spot to remedy the situation. Probably one of the biggest fears for a guitarist is breaking a string at a gig and not having an extra set of strings, with you.


This little trick comes from a friend of mine named, Chaz Mechenbier.  Chaz is a Columbus, Ohio based guitarist and truly is a a master of the instrument.  This trick only works if you’ve ever broken a string, between the nut and the tuning machine.  Tie the broken string, with a square knot, to another piece of string that goes to the tuning machine post.  Keep tightening until the knot cinches up and viola, you can at least get through the gig!  I hope this little trick helps saves your arse, when you need it!


Bill Dutcher

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