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Synergy Carbon Fiber Harp Guitar From Emerald Guitars

Written by Bill on August 30, 2014 – 12:46 pm -

IMG_2072There’s been quite a lot of innovation in instrument construction over the years and carbon fiber is leading the way in producing instruments that can battle the elements as well as endure the rigors of road travel.  I had the chance to get my hands on the Synergy HX7 Harp Guitar from Emerald Guitars, in Ireland.  MacNichol Guitars and Mandolins in Salt Lake City, Utah sent one around the country as part of their “Road Trip” campaign, where you get to keep it for a week.  After the evaluation period,  they send you a shipping tag to send it to the next player.  It’s a great opportunity to experience a ground breaking instrument, for only $45 bucks!

I spent the week playing the instrument as well as recording some videos that really document and detail what it’s capable of.  I’ve posted an introduction video on Youtube that explains is features and specifications.  I’ll be posting more videos, in  a series, that dive in depth to its sound, both recorded direct as well as through pre-amps and microphones.  Stay tuned!



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