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The Case of the Lost Bridge Pin!

Written by Bill on March 30, 2012 – 12:36 pm -

I’ve always been one who likes to be prepared for any situation that might arise at a gig.  There’s nothing worse then not having a crucial piece of equipment or an accessory needed for a performance. Case in point…

I was performing last week and I happened to be playing on an elevated stage that was floored with 2 x 4’s.  There was a slight gap between all the boards and in the middle of a song I broke a string and the bridge pin popped out, sailed through the air, and as fate would have it, it fell between the cracks, into the dark oblivion under the stage.  Now who ever thinks of carrying extra bridge pins around?  Well hears a little trick for you.  Take a small piece of stage tape and tape an extra bridge pin on the outside of your guitar strap.

Stay tuned for more tricks of the trade!

Bill Dutcher


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