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Humidity – Instrument Care

Written by Bill on June 16, 2011 – 8:03 am -

Proper care and maintenance of your acoustic guitar is essential in making sure it lasts a lifetime.  A big issue I deal with out here in Arizona is the humidity level, or lack of humidity.  When I lived back in Ohio I had no problem with making sure my instruments had enough humidity….sometimes I had too much.  Out here in Arizona during the summer months the levels can get down as low as 5%!  There are some tricks you can do to make sure your instruments don’t dry up and shrivel away.

Most instruments are built in controlled enviornments at the factory with humidity levels around 40%.  Manufactures built certain models in large quantities and ship them all over the world.  Each area may have different temperature and humidity levels.  In an effort to keep the levels as similar as possible as the factory you should monitor the humidity in your home by using a digital hydrometer in the same area that you store your guitar.  Also, keep a humidifier in the instrument while keeping it in the case.  I find it difficult to keep the levels as close to 30% during the dry months and have to keep checking every 2-3 days to re-fill the internal humidifiers.  Check with your local music store as to what make and models of humidifiers will fit in your guitar.  Also, remember that too much humidity can hurt just as much as not having enough.

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